Make Your Tiny Bathroom Feel And Appear Bigger


Many of the homes built today include at least one oversized bathroom. However, houses built many years ago tend to have small bathrooms that only allow enough space for use, not for storage or decoration. These small bathrooms can leave you without anywhere to keep the things you need to get ready for work each day or to get your kids out the door for school. If you have a small bathroom that doesn't quite meet the needs of your family, you can enlarge the feel of it without actually enlarging the size of the room.

29 March 2016

Tips For Removing Grease From Your New Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen grease is unsightly, smelly, and unsanitary, and you don't want it on your kitchen cabinets. Sometimes you don't realize what a layer of grease you have on your cabinets until it has gotten out of control, especially if you have dark colored cabinets. Here are some tips to help you get rid of that layer of grime to get your cabinets looking clean again. Dish Detergent and Hot Water

14 March 2016

3 Ways To Secure Your Home's Windows


One of the last things you want to have to pay for is a broken window. Although there are many avenues that can make repairing a broken window a relatively inexpensive issue, it is still worth neither the time or effort. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of just a few ways that you can sufficiently secure your home's windows, such that you won't need to worry about one of them breaking.

10 March 2016

Remodeling Your Kitchen: Kid Friendly Options You Can Choose


When you have kids, you need the items in your kitchen to be durable. For this reason, it is a good idea to know more about the different products that you can use to create a kid-friendly kitchen. Cabinet Material One of the first areas to consider when designing a kid-friendly kitchen is the material for the cabinets. The cabinets will see a lot of wear and tear over the years, so you want to pick a material that is resistant to dents and scratches.

26 February 2016

4 Clever Ideas For Bringing The Outdoors Into The Kitchen


If you love spending time outdoors, you may be looking for new ways to bring some of the outdoors into your home. With the kitchen being one of the most used areas in your home, it can be beneficial to make some changes so that the kitchen feels more open and outdoorsy. While you can certainly open the window to allow in a cool breeze and a good view of the outside, consider making some of the following changes when doing some remodeling your kitchen.

10 February 2016

Tips For Hardwood Floor Installation


Hardwood floors will not only add a tremendous amount of value to your home, but they will give your home a fresh and warm feeling for you to enjoy on a daily basis. Choosing to install your own hardwood floors is a big decision, however the job is one you can easily do yourself. Doing it yourself will also save you a lot of money. Here are some tips to consider during the job.

22 December 2015

Three Hardwoods That Look Great When Left Natural


When it comes to hardwood floors, homeowners are divided into two camps: those who think every floor should be stained, and those who prefer natural, unstained floors. If you're in the unstained floor camp, you want to make sure you choose a hardwood variety that actually looks good unstained. Who knows -- some of your stain-loving friends might see it and change their minds! Here's a look at three hardwoods that look great when left natural.

21 December 2015

Before You Sell Your House, Should You Have GfCIs Installed?


If you have an older home, it may not have ground fault circuit interruptors, or GFCIs, installed in all the places where a newer house would have them. And while you may have managed to live without them, when it comes time to sell your house, you'll need to make sure you've got them in some areas. What Is a GFCI? You can see GFCIs on your electrical outlets. The outlets that have them usually have small buttons that say "

17 August 2015

Ways To Turn Your Tiny Bathroom Into A Bathroom Of Your Dreams


Not every home is blessed with large, modern rooms. But you can make some choices when remodeling smaller, older spaces such as bathrooms to make them appear bigger than they are. Here are some tips for adding space in your small bathroom remodel. Natural Light One easy way to make any room feel larger is to add natural lighting. Bathrooms can be difficult to light naturally. If your budget and room structure allows for it, a window filled with opaque tile or glass bricks is an excellent way to maintain privacy while introducing natural light.

29 July 2015

How To Install Custom Cabinet Doors


An updated wall cabinet in your TV or living room is a great way to make the room more modern and functional. As technologies advance, TVs and entertainment electronics get smaller and thinner. This often means that you will have more room in your cabinets as you update your electronics. This article will explain how to order and install new custom doors for cabinet openings. This is a simple and affordable way to update your style.

13 July 2015