Just a Few Reasons to Consider Having Replacement Windows Installed


Regardless of how much you like the look of the windows in your home, if they are an older type with wooden frames and a single, thin pane of glass, it is probably time to consider having replacement windows installed. Since they are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and textures, you can be sure to find some that will fit your home perfectly. Here are just a few of the benefits you will gain from new window installation.

1 November 2018

Things To Consider Before Completing Your Kitchen Remodeling Project


Planning for a kitchen remodeling project is not only exciting and costly, but it can also take time. One of the keys to a successful kitchen remodeling project is planning. You cannot plan too much for a project like this, and here are several important things to consider as you begin planning. Consider keeping the same footprint The footprint of your kitchen refers to the way it is set up. It includes the location of the cabinets, appliances, lights, plumbing, and electric.

13 July 2017

The Difference Between Solid And Engineered Floors


Installing hardwood floors is a great way to add some class to any room. Hardwood flooring is sturdy, durable, and stylish all at once. However, not all hardwood flooring products are the same. There are many things you need to consider when searching for the right product for your home. Two of the most common types of hardwood are solid and engineered floors. This article explains the difference between hardwood that is solid and hardwood that has engineered construction.

15 December 2016

3 Home Makeover Ideas For Your Elderly Parent's House


If your elderly parents are dead set against moving into an assisted living facility, then you should consider making some renovations to their home that will make it safer for them. This article will cover three areas in your parents home that you should address: bathroom, kitchen, and the exterior. Lower Kitchen Cabinets You might not immediately think of the kitchen when it comes to making improvements for your elderly parents, but there are some things you should consider.

30 November 2016

Working on a Large Home Remodel? Install Tile Countertops in the Kitchen With Leftover Material


Small remodeling projects are sometimes easier to visualize because you only have to think about adding or changing one or two features inside your home. But, there are numerous benefits to undertaking a large remodel, such as being able to make noticeable improvements all in a short time frame. It can lead to more peaceful nights of sleep when you only have to set a month or two aside of remodeling work.

28 October 2016

Want To Increase Your Vacation Rental Income? 3 Home Remodeling Projects To Undertake


Vacation rentals are perfect for international travelers, those on a staycation, or anyone on vacation. They can even benefit those who are on business trips because they can choose a room or home that has access to a full kitchen, high speed Internet, privacy, and a proper desk and chair for working. If you have a basic vacation rental that has had moderate success since you first opened shop, you may be interested in improving your ability to generate income.

28 September 2016

Take Quick Action To Deal With Mold Growth Due To A Broken Window


Homeowners using an attic or third floor strictly for storage may fall a little behind on maintenance issues. A damaged window that does not close fully or that has cracked glass could end up being ignored for some time. Then, one day, more serious problems beyond drafts start manifesting. Mold, for example, starts growing on the wall due to excess moisture and spores entering through the window. The mold may grow slowly at first, but the growth will expand dramatically if temperature and humidity rise.

12 September 2016

Tips For Your Kitchen Remodel


To really capitalize on your kitchen remodel, you will need to focus on factors such as the cost, tips for planning and hiring the best remodeling contractors. This allows you to beautify your kitchen in a way that is strategic and useful to your house today and in the future. With these tips being used to the best of your ability, you'll be able to draw some great equity for your house, while also making your kitchen live up to its full potential.

11 July 2016

You Can Make Your Bathroom More Accessible For Your Wheelchair


If you have to start using a wheelchair, there are a lot of changes that you will have to make to your house so that everything is accessible to you. That includes changing around the shower. There are several things that you can do that will make your shower usable again.  Roll-in Shower Enclosures One option is to have a roll-in shower enclosure. These enclosures have sides, a completely open front, a seat, and usually a hand shower attachment.

26 May 2016

How To Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors And Drawers


The stain on your kitchen cabinets can fade and wear off over the years. This is a major concern because wood can be susceptible to warping and deterioration if it is not seal. Stain on a hardwood cabinet does much more than just add color to the wood. The stain is important in a kitchen because there is so much moisture from all the cooking. This is why it is so important to refinish your cabinets over the years.

18 April 2016