Just a Few Reasons to Consider Having Replacement Windows Installed


Regardless of how much you like the look of the windows in your home, if they are an older type with wooden frames and a single, thin pane of glass, it is probably time to consider having replacement windows installed. Since they are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and textures, you can be sure to find some that will fit your home perfectly. Here are just a few of the benefits you will gain from new window installation

Lower Heating and Cooling Bills 

Older windows are not as energy efficient as newer ones. You may choose to have the new set with multiple panes to provide better insulation. You can also choose to have a film put on the new windows that will help reflect hot sun rays in the summer and prevent the warm air inside from escaping in the winter.

Less Maintenance

Wooden window frames need to be repaired and painted every couple of years to keep them from rotting or molding. In addition, the glazing that holds the glass in the frames will need to be refreshed or you will have panes falling out. Finally, older windows with a single pane are often made of thin glass that breaks and shatters easily. New windows with vinyl frames and stronger panes are easier to maintain. The frames just need to be sprayed down with a hose when they get dirty. The glass is thicker, so they do not break as easily. In addition, the windows will tilt in so you can easily clean them from within the house instead of having to climb a ladder.

Sound Proofing

If your home is on a busy street, you will hear the city sounds from outside through old, thin windows. New windows will reduce the amount of noise you hear when inside. This can be especially handy if your neighbor has a dog that insists on barking. Of course, this also means that the sounds you create inside will not be heard as well, if at all, by your neighbors. Go ahead and play your music loudly at night.

You can maintain the same look and feel of the house with replacement windows. However, if you do want to give the outside of the building a bit of a facelift, new windows can do that too. Visit a showroom to see what is available and discuss the different options with one of the salespeople. 


1 November 2018

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