3 Home Makeover Ideas For Your Elderly Parent's House


If your elderly parents are dead set against moving into an assisted living facility, then you should consider making some renovations to their home that will make it safer for them. This article will cover three areas in your parents home that you should address: bathroom, kitchen, and the exterior.

Lower Kitchen Cabinets

You might not immediately think of the kitchen when it comes to making improvements for your elderly parents, but there are some things you should consider. First off, you should determine if the cabinets are too high. If the cabinets are situated too high up and your parents have to get on small step ladders to get items occasionally, then you should have the cabinets readjusted. You don't want to have your parents climb up on step ladders because as they age their balance will get worse and they might fall.

Install A Ramp For The Entrance To The Home

You should also consider installing an exterior ramp entrance. You can have these set up along side the main entryway steps so that when it comes time to sell the house you can remove the ramp and leave the original steps in place where they were. A ramp is especially helpful in the winter when the steps might be covered in ice or snow. You can get a ramp designed out of synthetic materials, or with pressure treated wood. Many of the temporary ones are telescoping, so they are easy to set up and later take down. If your parents end up using a walker, then a ramp will be extra helpful.

Have A Walk In Shower Installed

It's also important to have a walk in shower installed. The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in the home. One particularly bad problem area is the shower/tub area. If you have an old fashioned tub and shower combo, then it's a disaster waiting to happen. What you want to have is a new walk in shower installed. You should pick one that has a seat so that your parent can sit down while they are in the shower. The great thing about walk in showers is that your parent won't have to step up and over a high "lip" or edge and potentially trip and fall. If your parents still insist on taking a bath by themselves, then choose a walk in shower model that has a high door. When the door shuts, the water can fill up like a regular tub. Your parent can walk into the dry shower, close the door, and let it fill up with water. It's much safer then having to step into a regular tub.

More information on walk-in showers can be found here.


30 November 2016

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