Working on a Large Home Remodel? Install Tile Countertops in the Kitchen With Leftover Material


Small remodeling projects are sometimes easier to visualize because you only have to think about adding or changing one or two features inside your home. But, there are numerous benefits to undertaking a large remodel, such as being able to make noticeable improvements all in a short time frame. It can lead to more peaceful nights of sleep when you only have to set a month or two aside of remodeling work.

Although you may not have thought about replacing the countertops in your kitchen, you should reconsider this when you are able to use the tile that you have left over from other remodeling projects.

Save on the Material

The first thing that makes this worthwhile is the ability to save on material. Whenever you buy a large amount of material, you are likely saving money because you are getting it in a higher quantity. If you end up with leftover tile after everything is said and done, you would just have leftover tile to sell or store. But, you can save a lot of money on the countertop material by using what you already have.

It will still be necessary to pay around $34 to $40 per hour on labor, so you must have a certain amount of money left over from your remodel budget plans to cover the entire installation.

Match Styles

When you spread out remodeling projects over the years, you may have a difficult time with matching your home's look. Tile styles fade in and out of production, which can lead to missing out on certain looks. But, when you make the decision to use the floor tile for the kitchen countertop, the look meshes immediately. This will keep you from having to worry about a potential matching problem in the future.

Repairing Is Easy

With enough material, you may have enough for your first project, the countertop installation, and still have tile left over. This is when you will definitely want to keep the tile on hand for years. Having the exact tile means that you can just replace any countertop tiles that happen to break over the years. It will keep you from having to make a custom order to get an exact replica or one that looks almost the same.

Expanding your home remodeling to include a kitchen remodeling project is an excellent idea when you have an opportunity to save time and money by incorporating it into your current plans.


28 October 2016

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