Want To Increase Your Vacation Rental Income? 3 Home Remodeling Projects To Undertake


Vacation rentals are perfect for international travelers, those on a staycation, or anyone on vacation. They can even benefit those who are on business trips because they can choose a room or home that has access to a full kitchen, high speed Internet, privacy, and a proper desk and chair for working. If you have a basic vacation rental that has had moderate success since you first opened shop, you may be interested in improving your ability to generate income. This is when home remodeling can make a huge difference.

Expand the Rooms

An excellent way to generate more income is to accommodate more people. If you only have room for four, you should find a way to fit six or eight in your home, as this can increase your customer base. It is ideal when you can increase the size of the living room through new construction or sacrificing small parts of other rooms, mainly because this area can house several couches that transform into beds. Couches on their own can only sleep one person, but one that is able to fold out into a bed can easily sleep two.

Invest in Built-Ins

Expanding the living room is an important step in allowing more people to stay at your place. You can also make this happen by investing in built-ins, especially in the living room. This way, instead of having a TV stand, television, side tables, and bookshelves that take up a decent amount of floor space, you can build all of these things into the walls to avoid taking up valuable space. This in combination with making the room larger in other ways will help you fit in more furniture to add sleeping capacity.

Change the Floors

Carpeted flooring is comfortable, but you may have avoided accepting pets because of this feature. Unfortunately, many people love traveling with their dog and you may be missing out on these guests. It is worth installing a different flooring type such as bamboo, tile, or laminate, all of which are durable and easy to clean. The longevity of these floors will help you get your money's worth, and the fact that they do not take much effort to clean will keep guest stress to a minimum when an accident ends up happening.

With these additions or changes to your vacation rental, you can greatly expand the appeal of your vacation rental to increase the number of days that the home is occupied throughout the year. Contact a company like Creative Design Home Improvement for more ideas.


28 September 2016

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