Take Quick Action To Deal With Mold Growth Due To A Broken Window


Homeowners using an attic or third floor strictly for storage may fall a little behind on maintenance issues. A damaged window that does not close fully or that has cracked glass could end up being ignored for some time. Then, one day, more serious problems beyond drafts start manifesting. Mold, for example, starts growing on the wall due to excess moisture and spores entering through the window. The mold may grow slowly at first, but the growth will expand dramatically if temperature and humidity rise. Therefore, taking immediate steps to stop the mold before it causes irreparable damage is advised.

Addressing the Problem

Mold is more than just gross and unsightly. Drywall, wood, and more are likely to end up greatly harmed because mold feeds on nutrients on the surface, leading to damage to the materials connected to the nutrients. Costly repairs are going to be unavoidable if the mold is not brought under control. Two quick steps should be taken.

  • Spray Areas not Affected with Mold

Spraying fungus-riddled surfaces with industrial-strength mold killer must be done. Spraying more than just the visibly moldy surfaces is advisable, too. Just because the mold spores are not visible doesn't mean that they are not there. Microscopic spores may exist and will grow when conditions are right. A light spraying on the bare, seemingly mold-free section of the wall acts as a decent preventive maintenance step.

  • Seal the Window

If replacing the window is too costly, the best thing to do is to cover it with a plastic sheet and use duct tape to seal any openings. This way, moisture has a harder time entering into the room. Have the window replaced as soon as you are able. Remember, if the source of the mold is not addressed, the mold is sure to make a return. Spraying the plastic covering with mold remover periodically also helps prevent further mold growth.

Turning the Job Over to the Professionals

Contact a professional mold service to test the air and see how much mold is in the room. The presence of airborne spores may be greater than realized. In fact, the mold may have already spread through the air into other areas of the home. Only professional testing will reveal the true severity of the problem. If high levels of mold spores are discovered, a professional mold remediation team like 3 R's Construction Management LLC can go to work to eliminate the fungus.


12 September 2016

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