Tips For Your Kitchen Remodel


To really capitalize on your kitchen remodel, you will need to focus on factors such as the cost, tips for planning and hiring the best remodeling contractors. This allows you to beautify your kitchen in a way that is strategic and useful to your house today and in the future. With these tips being used to the best of your ability, you'll be able to draw some great equity for your house, while also making your kitchen live up to its full potential.

The Cost Of A Kitchen Remodel

Since your kitchen is a central hub of your home that gets so much use, you can expect to put some serious dollars into it for a kitchen remodel. Of course, the price of your kitchen remodel will depend on how big or small your kitchen is and how in depth you want to go with the remodel. The averages for a kitchen remodel are approximately $20,000. A small kitchen remodel will cost somewhere between $10,000 and $15,000. When taking all this into consideration, the majority of people who get kitchen remodels stand to pay somewhere between approximately $11,000 and $29,000. To strategically figure out how much you should be paying and to make the wisest purchases, a lot will go into your planning process.

Planning A Kitchen Remodel

The process for planning your kitchen remodel will come down to some of these tips:

  1. The timetable – when planning your kitchen remodel, the National Kitchen and Bath Association suggests that you take no less than six months to plan the entire thing out. This way, you will put your desires in stone as opposed to flip-flopping back and forth.
  2. Assess your current kitchen – when planning your kitchen remodel, you'll need to remember things big and small. To know and remember these details, consider aspects like doorway sizes and the traffic patterns of people coming and going.
  3. Functionality and expansion – make sure that you plan out things like cabinet and counter height in a way that will be conducive to your family's use. Plan for future expansion and any incidents in the future that might require certain changes.

Hiring A Pro For Your Kitchen Remodel

Get the help of professionals that are specialists at kitchen remodeling. Remember some of these points when hiring a contractor:

  • Take a look at their previous work to get a feel for signature touches and overall level of craftsmanship.
  • Ask for references about their work habits, deadlines and quality of materials.
  • Be good to the work crew by staying out of their way, providing coffee and refreshments and showing your overall appreciation. These things seem small but will make the process go smoother and more enjoyable.

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11 July 2016

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