How To Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors And Drawers


The stain on your kitchen cabinets can fade and wear off over the years. This is a major concern because wood can be susceptible to warping and deterioration if it is not seal. Stain on a hardwood cabinet does much more than just add color to the wood. The stain is important in a kitchen because there is so much moisture from all the cooking. This is why it is so important to refinish your cabinets over the years. The hardest part of the job is usually refinishing the doors and drawer fronts. This article explains the best way to refinish cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

Remove the Doors from the Cabinet

First, you need to remove the doors from the cabinet. To make rehanging the doors easier, you should remove the hinge from the back of the door and leave it attached to the cabinet frame. Removing the hinges is simple with a cordless power drill, since they are attached with just 2 screws each. Once the doors are removed, you should set up a table somewhere outside or in the garage. A simple work space will make it easier to streamline your staining. You can line up your doors and stain them much more quickly.

Sand the Doors

Sanding the doors is easy if you have a power sander and sponge sander. The sponge sander allows you to sand within the crevices of the decorative mitering. You need to use extra fine grit paper on a hardwood door so it does rough up the surface. The amount of sanding you need to do partly depends on the color of your new stain. If you are applying a solid color stain, you don't necessarily need to sand off the old stain. However, if you are applying a clear stain, you need to sand off all of the old stain. The final step, before staining the doors is to smooth them out with steel wool.

Stain the Door

Staining the doors is easy with a lint-free rag. This way you can dip the rag directly into the stain and rub it onto the wood. This creates much less dripping than using a paintbrush. The job usually takes a couple of coats. You need to wait for the stain to dry and steel wool the surface before each coat. The more coats you apply, the darker the stain will be. However, multiple coats will give the wood greater protection.

This simple project will completely transform your cabinets and make them look new. If you don't feel comfortable making these changes on your own, contact a kitchen remodeling service.     


18 April 2016

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